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  American Sciencemedicine Board For Research Professional Certification.

American Science Medicine Board is registered  with the US  government as a non profit   professional certification board

 for candidates who desired   its research board credentials in the translational & clinical research professional learnings.

 These candidates must  achieve success  in the practical and theoretical  examinations 

 in the translational & clinical research  for any of the following certifications:- 
1. Science Medicine Diplomate (ScM.D).
Eligibility: Minimum Of nine ( 9 ) years successive trainings in research based education
from  accredited universities, colleges or institutions before seeking certification.
2. Science Medicine Certified ( ScM.C) .
Eligibility: Minimum of 5 years successive trainings in research based education
from accredited universities, colleges or institutions before seeking certification.







TOPIC :THE  HEALTH COACH & YOUR HEALTH, things you should know.
In furtherance of the Institute Of Medicine (IOM)  /National Institute Of Health (NIH) 
 innovated new profession of integrative health coach ,
this seminar is organized  to explain its advantages to professionals & the preventive health seeking public.
.Who should Attend : Health Professionals,Students,Wellness Clients & Public
When : October 15,2010 .Time: 10am to 4pm
Place:10000 North Central Freeway, Suite 400,Dallas,Texas 75231
Fess: $50.00 before October 10,2010$100.00 After October 10,2010
Note: Deadline for  Registration :October 10,2010
Topics to cover: Weight control ,Stress Management, Nutrition &Addiction*  
Intending presenters should please send in their abstracts via attachment to the provided email.
Contact ,Co-ordinator,
Tel: 617 819 4197 

Tel / Fax: 214  810  8710